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Get Ready To Upgrade: Apple Vision Pro Available For Purchase In The US From February 2, 2024

Apple enthusiasts in the United States are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro headset, set to hit stores on February 2 with a starting price of $3,499 for the 256GB model. Pre-orders open on January 19, offering users the chance to experience Apple’s venture into mixed reality, marking the tech giant’s first major product line since the Apple Watch introduction in 2014.

As the device debuts amid CES 2024, Apple strategically chose to announce the release date to draw attention away from the event in Las Vegas, showcasing its influence without a physical presence. The Vision Pro introduces Apple to spatial computing, offering control through gestures, eye movements, and voice commands. Additionally, users can pair a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad for productivity or a controller for gaming.

The device features a new App Store supporting over a million apps from the iOS and iPadOS ecosystems, with unique offerings tailored to the Vision Pro’s visionOS. Interactions include looking at apps, tapping fingers for actions, wrist flicks for scrolling, and dictation or a virtual keyboard for typing. Siri integration enables users to control media, open and close apps, and more.

Multitasking becomes seamless as users can place apps in a 3D virtual environment, accessing their Mac through Vision Pro for an expansive 4K desktop canvas. On the entertainment front, users can stream shows from Apple TV+, Disney+, and Max on a virtual screen, boasting HDR support and over 150 3D titles through the Apple TV app.

Gaming enthusiasts can explore more than 250 Apple Arcade titles and other App Store games, including spatial games designed for immersive experiences. The Vision Pro even allows users to virtually relocate to serene environments, enhancing the overall mixed reality experience.

The device also integrates features for capturing spatial photos and videos with the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, providing a life-size viewing experience. Communication receives an upgrade with FaceTime calls displaying users as virtual personas, complete with hand movements and facial expressions.

Apple introduces EyeSight technology to address the common disconnection issues in mixed reality headsets by making the Vision Pro appear transparent, enabling eye contact with others. The device’s authentication system, Optic ID, enhances security and privacy, ensuring eye-tracking information remains confidential.

While the Vision Pro’s high price may limit widespread adoption initially, it appeals to developers, early adopters, and Apple enthusiasts, setting the stage for a potential mainstream impact on mixed reality technology in the future.