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Selling A House In Southern California: Renovating Vs. Selling As Is

Selling A House In Southern California: Renovating Vs. Selling As Is

The real estate market in Southern California experienced a slowdown during the first few months of the Covid pandemic. But afterward, the housing market started booming, as there was huge demand for properties. Inventory hit an all-time low in March 2022, pushing prices higher and higher.

While it’s true that selling a house fast in Southern California can be easy, homeowners need to consider all the costs associated with selling. Repairs and renovations, for example, may be necessary to make a sale go through. Those who can’t afford a costly repair often choose to sell their homes as is and for cash. But is this profitable when compared to selling the traditional way? Let’s find out!

Selling As Is                 

Selling a house as is means that you sell it in its current condition (without making any repairs or renovations). Many sellers have preferred this method recently because there are many benefits associated with selling this way. Most importantly, you save time, effort, and money if you avoid doing proper renovations. While selling as is reduces the price, it is the best option for those who own outdated or damaged houses.

Pros and Cons of Selling As Is

If you decide to sell your house as is, it makes the entire selling process hassle-free. Many cash home buyers in Southern California buy houses as is and for cash. You can close in as little as a month, or perhaps even sooner. Take what you want and leave the rest for them to deal with.

The only downside of selling a house as is is that the asking price will be less than the market price. However, this difference could very well be the money you would’ve had to pay to get renovations; hiring a realtor also raises the cost of selling.

Making Renovations

Renovating allows a homeowner to upgrade the outdated features of the house, giving it a fresher, modern look. After making renovations, you can sell for a reasonable price and profit more from the sale. Simple renovations like increasing the curb appeal, repainting the walls, or installing a smart thermostat could boost the property’s value significantly.

However, renovations come with some downside. Renovating could be a time-consuming process that may turn into an expensive one if you’re not careful. Choosing to do costly renovations may not be a wise decision, as you cannot be sure a buyer later on will appreciate them as much as you do.