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Google Takes Legal Action Against AI Scammers & Copyright Fraud

Google Takes Legal Action Against AI Scammers

In a bid to curb the exploitation of emerging technologies, Google has filed lawsuits against scammers engaging in AI-related fraud and mass copyright infringement.

The first lawsuit targets individuals in Vietnam who misled users by promoting a purported version of Google’s Bard AI software on social media. Instead of a helpful chatbot, this fake Bard was allegedly loaded with malware, compromising users’ systems and stealing sensitive information. Google, after sending over 300 takedown requests, has filed the lawsuit to prevent the fraudsters from setting up similar domains, emphasizing the need to deter such scams in the future.

The second lawsuit addresses mass copyright fraud, where bad actors submitted fraudulent claims to remove competitor websites through Google’s DMCA takedown process. This exploitation led to the removal of over 100,000 businesses’ websites, causing significant financial losses and job cuts. Google aims to set precedents with these lawsuits, deterring AI scams and copyright abuse in the digital space.

Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google’s General Counsel, highlights the increasing threat posed by scammers taking advantage of user excitement around generative AI tools. The company aims to put scammers “squarely in the crosshairs of justice” through legal action, promoting a safer internet for everyone.

Google’s proactive measures against phishing attempts and malware, blocking over 100 million phishing attempts daily, reflect its commitment to combating online threats. As the cases proceed in court, Google seeks accountability for the defendants and hopes to create a safer online environment by discouraging future abuses.