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Produce Compelling Content for Your Real Estate Business with Video Marketing

Produce Compelling Content for Your Real Estate Business with Video Marketing

We live in a virtual world where first impressions matter the most. A picture, though it speaks a thousand words, cannot do enough justice to the business. Hence, it is only likely that the real estate businesses are leaning over video content creation as a means of effective marketing.

Let us learn more about video marketing and how it helps the real estate business.

The Power of Video Marketing in Real Estate

Video marketing has become the necessity of the hour in real estate business. With the evolution of smartphones and easy access to high-speed internet, buyers and renters prefer to have immersive and interactive experiences with property hunting.

As video content offers a three-dimensional view of properties, interested parties can have a quick walk through spaces to get a realistic sense of size, layout and its ambiance.

Here are specific reasons for the boom of video marketing in real estate industry:

1. Storytelling: Every property comes with a story. Whether it’s the history of a historic home or the design philosophy of a modern apartment, videos can effectively narrate these stories, creating a more personal and relatable experience for viewers.
2. Emotional Connection: Videos can help evoke emotions that static images and text cannot. Videos can establish an connection with the audience by showcasing the lifestyle that a property offers. It’s easier for the potential buyer to visualize with a video.
3. Wider Reach: Video content is highly shareable and engaging. Sharing property videos on social media platforms can exponentially expand the property’s exposure and reach, potentially attracting a larger pool of interested buyers. Videos can also be shared through interactive content on email.

Find the email addresses of your potential buyers to send them engaging emails with the video links embedded in them. But, how to find email addresses? Email search tools like can be of great help. They offer a chrome extension allowing you to search email contacts even in platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.

4. Transparency: Since the video showcases all the aspects of property, buyers can see every corner which makes it easy to decide. The whole process becomes more transparent and builds trust between buyers and sellers.

Now, let’s learn how to produce compelling video content.

A video is effective when it includes a combination of technical skills, creativity and attention to detail. If you have what it takes to prepare the content, then you’re already won half the battle.

However, for those who want to ensure to tick all the boxes in the checklist, here are some pointers that will resonate with the audience. :

1. Right Planning: Create a storyboard before the shoot. It should include all the key features and angles you’d like to capture. Storyboard helps to stay organized and ensures that you don’t forget any elements of the property.
2. Lighting and Composition: They say 3PM to 5PM is considered the golden hour because of how effective the natural light can be to illuminate the properties well.

3. Smoother Camera Movements: Use tripods and stabilizers to avoid shaky footage. Camera pans and tilts should be smooth to enhance the viewing experience.
4. Showcase the Surroundings: Think your camera to be your potential buyer and showcase not only the property interiors but also amenities surrounding it. The video should offer a wholesome experience to the viewer.
5. Keep it Concise: The reason why reels are initially limited to 15 to 30 seconds is because the viewer gives only that much of time to decide whether they like the content or not. So, you need to be very concise with content and showcase highlights initially.
6. Narrate the Experience: Use voice overs or on-screen text to guide viewers through the property. Highlight key features, room dimensions, and unique selling points as viewers virtually tour the space.
7. Add a Call to Action (CTA): At the end of the video, include a clear and compelling call to action. Encourage viewers to visit your website, schedule a viewing, or contact you for more information.
8. Professional Editing: Quality editing can elevate your video from good to great. Trim any unnecessary footage, add subtle transitions, and incorporate background music that complements the property’s style.
9. Mobile-Friendly Formats: Ensure your videos are compatible with various devices and platforms. Mobile-friendly formats are essential as many viewers access content on their smartphones.
10. Engage on Social Media:. Use appropriate hashtags, captions, and engaging descriptions to attract attention.


Now, following these steps might seem like a task and a half! For a few, it might as well be an overwhelming experience. However, once you get a hang of it, things become easier. Think of it as learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. There’ll be failures initially but over time and practice, you will master the art of producing quality video content for your real estate business.