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Top Benefits of Renovating Your House Before a Sale in Philadelphia

Top Benefits of Renovating Your House Before a Sale in Philadelphia

With housing prices steadily increasing, Philadelphia has become a seller’s market in the last couple of years. Inventory is running low since Philadelphia is one of the top urban centers in the country. Many people are moving to the city due to the lucrative opportunities there. Most of them are looking to buy or rent, which keeps the demand for houses high. However, it’s not easy for a homeowner to sell a house fast in Philadelphia due to the long waiting period and tedious process.

If you want to attract buyers, you should consider presenting your home in the best possible manner. Consider renovating your house to get the best price. Here are the top benefits of renovating your Philadelphia house.

Increases the Value

Replacing outdated structures and giving your house a modern look can increase its value. Plus, repairs and renovations allow you to increase the asking price. Modern appliances, amenities, and extra rooms appeal to buyers, increasing the home’s value. Appraisers will value the house lower than the market price if the house is not renovated. Then, you might not make as much profit.

Increases Interest and Appeal

A renovated house can attract a lot of potential buyers. An up-to-date house with modern features will get more showings, increasing demand. A well-sought-after home will sell sooner and for a better price. Your house has a better chance of becoming more appealing with a renovation, especially if it includes modern amenities like smart technologies. Increasing curb appeal is also helpful because it can give potential buyers a positive first impression.

Sells Fast

One of the most appealing benefits of home renovation is that your house can sell faster. The demand for houses in Philadelphia is high, and homes with upgrades have an even higher demand. The DOM (Days on Market) of a wholly renovated house is usually low.

The only other faster way of selling your house fast is to sell it to a cash home buyer in Philadelphia. They buy houses as-is for fair prices, and they complete the sale within a week.

Reduces Room for Negotiation

With a fully renovated house, the buyer or their agent would have fewer chances of negotiating the price down. If you have renovated your home entirely, you will have the upper hand in the sale and will be left with a greater negotiation power. There is also a smaller chance of your house being sold below the asking price.