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Severe Storms Threaten Millions Across the East on Memorial Day

Severe Storms in usa

Millions of people in the East are preparing for severe weather on Memorial Day after violent storms devastated the central United States over the weekend. In Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Oklahoma, strong thunderstorms and tornadoes claimed the lives of at least 23 individuals, four of them were children. Texas and Arkansas experienced fifteen deaths, and Kentucky saw five.

With more than 600 damage reports from at least 20 states on Sunday, it was the most severe weather day of the year. The storms tore apart cars, buildings, and electrical lines. More than 450,000 homes and businesses across the east, south, and center of the nation without electricity as of Monday afternoon. Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky declared a state of emergency on Sunday night due to severe weather. Bowling Green’s phone lines are down, so backup emergency numbers have been set up, and damage assessment teams have shown up right away.

In Kentucky, there were five storm-related deaths recorded. Oklahoma saw two fatalities and close to twenty injuries. At 136 to 165 mph, a tornado impacted Claremore, Oklahoma, causing major damage and injuring 23 people. Due to their ailments, three horses at a horse racing facility had to be put down.

Currently, severe thunderstorms pose a risk to 70 million people in the Northeast and South. Cities like as Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond may face devastating winds, tornadoes, and hail. Heavy rain can cause flooding, especially in metropolitan areas. The storms should fade in the east on Monday night as they move offshore. Later on Monday, Texas may still experience intermittent powerful thunderstorms, with the most serious threats being large hail and strong gusts, particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.