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House of the Dragon Season 2 Begins: A Breathtaking Winterfell Excites Fans

A Breathtaking Winterfell Excites Fans

The House of the Dragon Season 2 opening is a feast for the eyes, with a breathtaking Winterfell and a new Stark. The season had its first premiere yesterday – In the first episode of HOTD 2, the fans got to visit Winterfell in the snow.

The HOTD 2 is all about the battle for the Iron Throne, a war between two groups of the Targaryen family fighting for control of Westeros. The season also features a majestic Cregan Stark, and we can see Stark being convinced by Jacaerys to join the cause while the both taking a stroll over the wall.

It’s interesting to see a new, younger Stark. What excites the audience is seeing and experiencing how he carries himself in this world. A reference to Queen Alysanne and her trip to the wall with dragon Silverwing is also there, hinting at great danger when the dragon refuses to cross the wall.

As you know, the House of the Dragon is a ‘Games of Thrones’ prequel that focuses on the history of Targaryens. Season 2 has eight episodes and airs exclusively on HBO on Sundays from June 16 to August 4. All the episodes will stream on Max on the same day.