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Discover The Future Of Search  – Google’s Innovative AI Image Generator

Google’s Innovative AI Image Generator

The tech industry is highly competitive, and the race for AI supremacy is constantly intensifying, with major players like Google, Meta, and Microsoft continuously pushing the limits of innovation. Recently, Google made a groundbreaking improvement to its Search Generative Experience (SGE). This new feature allows users to create images directly from a text prompt, similar to Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator integrated into Bing Search.

SGE is a search engine developed by Google that uses AI to provide users with more comprehensive and informative responses to their search queries. In recent updates, SGE has introduced new features like AI-generated summaries of search results, which help users quickly grasp the essence of their queries. It also can check for grammar and spelling errors within search queries. However, the most exciting addition is the feature that allows users to use phrases such as “draw” or “create an xxx” to prompt SGE to produce entirely new images.

SGE offers a feature allowing users to generate images using Google’s Imagen family of models, similar to the image generation tools available in Google Slides and Google Meet. To request images, users can simply type prompts like “draw” or “sketch,” and Google will present up to four images above the standard search results. Users can refine their prompts to customize the generated images to their preferences.

Moreover, Google has introduced a feature that offers AI-generated images to users browsing image search results. This feature helps users easily discover visual content, but there might be a slight delay in SGE’s image updates within image search. This feature is particularly useful for those looking for specific images and empowers users to bring their creative visions to life. It’s important to note that Google emphasizes responsible AI usage and ensures that the generated image adheres to the company’s prohibited use policy for generative AI.