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Cheney Warns Of ‘Profound Negative Impact’ If The Court Doesn’t Resolve Trump Immunity Case

Cheney Warns

Former Republican Representative Liz Cheney emphasized on Monday the urgent need for the Supreme Court to swiftly and decisively address the issue of presidential immunity. She warned that failing to do so would yield profoundly negative consequences for the country.

Cheney argues “If delay prevents this Trump case from being tried this year, the public may never hear critical and historic evidence developed before the grand jury, and our system may never hold the man most responsible for Jan. 6 to account.”

Special Counsel Jack Smith, responsible for initiating the criminal charges, is actively pursuing measures to expedite the legal proceedings related to Trump’s immunity claim. Smith’s objective is to swiftly advance the case to trial, minimizing any delays in the legal process.

Trump, on the other hand, has conveyed to the justices that if they are unwilling to grant him complete immunity from Smith’s prosecution regarding election subversion, he suggests sending the case back to lower courts for further deliberations. This proposed action would likely delay the trial for several months, allowing for an assessment of whether any partial immunity might be applicable in his specific case.

The alternative approach could provide the conservative majority on the court with an “off-ramp,” enabling them to limit the powers of the special counsel without issuing a broad ruling on immunity for former presidents. This tactic could effectively hinder the special counsel’s efforts without committing to a comprehensive stance on presidential immunity.

Cheney emphasized that there exists “historic testimony” regarding Trump’s conduct, which is anticipated to remain undisclosed until the special counsel presents it during the trial.

The Wyoming Republican further asserted that the evidence should be showcased in an open court setting, allowing the public to thoroughly evaluate Trump’s actions on January 6th. Cheney emphasized the importance of understanding the implications of such behavior and contemplating the potential consequences if a person with similar inclinations were to wield the immense authority of the presidency once again.