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5 Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations That Can Increase The ROI In California

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re considering some renovations to sell your coastal abode or wanting a spruce that will help your investment in the future, it’s good to know what upgrades will give you the best return on investment (ROI). Look no further for our top five kitchen and bathroom renovations that can increase the ROI in California.

Kitchen and bath remodeling are always the best place to start when wanting to increase your property value, as these spaces are the most used in the home. These kinds of upgrades can sometimes provide you with over 100 percent ROI, which means it’s a great way to increase your property value.

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1. Walk-in shower

Our first bathroom renovation that can increase the ROI in California is adding a large walk-in shower. These have replaced the appeal the jetted bathtub once had. Make the shower a showstopper with steam features and multiple shower heads, including a rain head, plenty of storage and you will have a bathroom upgrade fit for a smart future investment.

Walk-in showers are also seen as a plus for buyers who are older or may have a disability as they’re more accessible than stepping over a bathtub wall.

2. Add an extra

The next tip we have for a renovation that can increase the ROI in your California home is to add an extra bathroom altogether. Even a powder room can help increase your property value significantly. If you only have one bathroom, consider finding space in your floor plan to add a second, rather than splurging on renovating the one you already have. A home with two bathrooms versus one on average sells for 10 to 40 percent more. This is more than twice the increase when compared to adding an extra bedroom.

3. Easy kitchen upgrades

If you feel like your kitchen is still functional, but just needs a spruce, there are certain changes you can make to help improve your ROI without a full demolition and rebuild. Some great upgrades that are notorious for good ROI include:

  • Adding some exposed shelving
  • Painting or refinishing cabinetry
  • Add a stylish backsplash
  • Increase natural lighting (think about a skylight or adding windows where you can)
  • Replace faucet hardware and cabinet pulls
  • Upgrade your appliances

4. Replace your countertops

A fairly easy way to make a big impact in your kitchen is to replace the countertops. This typically has a good ROI and can transform the look of your kitchen without any serious overhauling. Quartz is a great choice, as it is engineered to look like stone but is much more durable. Other great options are granite or marble. All surfaces have pros and cons, so be sure to research which would be best for your budget and your lifestyle.

5. Enjoy

Our final tip for choosing kitchen and bathroom renovations that can increase the ROI in California is to make changes you will enjoy. If you’re not planning on selling in the next few years, try to make a change that will help your ROI, but also, picks something that you and your family can enjoy. Don’t add a fancy chef’s stove if you only cook twice a year. Put your money into something that will bring you joy!